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Office Draw Features

Office Draw lets you create simple and complex drawings and export them in a number of common image formats. You can also insert tables, charts, formulae and other items created in Office programs into your drawings.

Vector Graphics

Office Draw creates vector graphics using lines and curves defined by mathematical vectors. Vectors describe lines, ellipses, and polygons according to their geometry.

Creating 3-D Objects

You can create simple 3-D objects such as cubes, spheres, and cylinders in Office Draw and even modify the light source of the objects.

Grids and Snap Lines

Grids and snap lines provide a visual cue to help you align objects in your drawing. You can also choose to snap an object to a grid line, snap line or to the edge of another object.

Connecting Objects to Show Relationships

You can connect objects in Office Draw with special lines called "connectors" to show the relationship between objects. Connectors attach to glue points on drawing objects and remain attached when the connected objects are moved. Connectors are useful for creating organization charts and technical diagrams.

Displaying Dimensions

Technical diagrams often show the dimensions of objects in the drawing. In Office Draw, you can use dimension lines to calculate and display linear dimensions.

The Gallery contains images, animations, sounds and other items that you can insert and use in your drawings as well as other Office programs.

Graphic File Formats

Office Draw can export to many common graphic file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG.