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Accessibility in Office

The following accessibility features are part of Office:

  • Support of external devices and applications
  • Access to all functions by keyboard. The keys that replace the mouse actions are listed in the Office Help
  • Improved readability of screen contents
  • Zooming of on-screen user interface for menus, icons, and documents

The user interface is scalable through your Window Manageroperating system settings. The default font size for dialogue boxes is 12pt, corresponding to a scale of 100%. You can also change the font size for dialogue boxes in Tools - Options - Office - View. The zoom factor of a document can be changed in View - Zoom, or by double-clicking the zoom factor displayed in the Status Bar.

Please note that accessibility support relies on Java technology for communications with assistive technology tools. This means that the first program start-up may take a few seconds longer, because the Java runtime environment must be started as well.