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Turning off Automatic URL Recognition

When you enter text, Office automatically recognises a word that may be a URL and replaces the word with a hyperlink. Office formats the hyperlink with direct font attributes (colour and underline) the properties of which are obtained from certain Character Styles.

The following texts are changed to hyperlinks:

Text Autocorrected hyperlink
Email addresses x@x, mailto:x
Web addresses http://x, https://x, www.x.x
File addresses file://x, ftp://x, smb://x

where x is one or more characters.

If you do not want Office to automatically recognise URLs as you are typing, there are several ways of turning off this feature.

Undo URL Recognition

  1. When you are typing and notice that some text has just been automatically converted into a hyperlink, press Ctrl+Z to undo this formatting.

  2. If you do not notice this conversion until later, select the hyperlink, open the context menu and choose Remove Hyperlink.

Turn off URL Recognition

  1. Load a document of the type for which you want to modify the URL recognition.

If you want to modify the URL recognition for text documents, open a text document.

  1. Choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options.

  2. In the AutoCorrect dialogue box, select the Options tab.

  3. If you unmark URL Recognition, words will no longer be automatically replaced with hyperlinks.

In Office Writer there are two check boxes in front of URL Recognition. The box in the first column is for later post-editing and the box in the second column is for AutoCorrect as you type.