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Inserting Data From Spreadsheets

  • Use the clipboard to copy the content of a single cell. You can also copy a formula from a cell into the clipboard (for example, from the input line of the formula bar) so that the formula can be inserted as text.
  • To copy a cell range into a text document, select the cell range in the sheet and then use either the clipboard or drag-and-drop to insert the cells into the text document. You will then find an OLE object in the text document, which you can edit further.
  • If you drag cells to the normal view of a presentation document, the cells will be inserted there as an OLE object. If you drag cells into the outline view, each cell will form a line of the outline view.
  • When you copy a cell range from Office Calc to the clipboard, the drawing objects, OLE objects and charts within this range are also copied.
  • If you insert a cell range with an enclosed chart, the chart will keep its link to the source cell range only if you copied the chart and the source cell range together.