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Importing and Exporting Data in Text Format

If you want to exchange data with a database that does not have an ODBC link and does not allow dBASE import and export, you can use a common text format.

Importing Data into Office

To exchange data in a text format use the Office Calc import/export filter.

  1. Export the desired data from the source database in a text format. The CSV text format is recommended. This format separates data fields by using delimiters such as commas or semi-colons, and separates records by inserting line breaks.

  2. Choose File - Open and click the file to import.

  3. Select "Text CSV" from the File type combo box. Click Open.

  4. The Text Import dialogue box will appear. Decide which data to include from the text document.

Once the data is in a Office Calc spreadsheet, you can edit it as needed. Save the data as a Office data source:

  • Save the current Office Calc spreadsheet in dBASE format in the folder of a dBASE database. To do this, choose File - Save As, then select the File type "dBASE" and the folder of the dBASE database.

Exporting to CSV Text Format

You can export the current Office spreadsheet in a text format which can be read by many other applications.

  1. Choose File - Save as.

  2. In File type select the filter "Text CSV". Enter a file name and click Save.

  3. This opens the Export of text files dialogue box, in which you can select the character set, field delimiter and text delimiter. Click OK. A warning informs you that only the active sheet was saved.