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Saving Documents Automatically

To create a backup file every time that you save a document

  1. Choose Tools - Options - Load/Save - General.

  2. Mark Always create a backup copy.

If the Always create a backup copy option is selected, the old version of the file is saved to the backup directory whenever you save the current version of the file.

  • You can change the backup directory by choosing Tools - Options - Office - Paths, then change the Backups path in the dialogue box.
  • The backup copy has the same name as the document, but the extension is .BAK. If the backup folder already contains such a file, it will be overwritten without warning.

To save recovery information automatically every n minutes

  1. Choose Tools - Options - Load/Save - General.

  2. Mark Save AutoRecovery information every and select the time interval.

This command saves the information necessary to restore the current document in case of a crash. Additionally, in case of a crash Office tries automatically to save AutoRecovery information for all open documents, if possible.