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Saving Documents

  • Click the Save icon or press the shortcut keys Ctrl+S.

The document is saved under its path and name on the current local data medium or network drive or on the Internet, overwriting any file of the same name.

When you save a new file for the first time, the Save As dialogue box opens, in which you can enter a name, folder and drive or volume for the file. To open this dialogue box, choose File - Save As.

You can set the automatic creation of a backup copy under Tools - Options - Load/Save - General.

Automatic extension to the file name

When saving a file, Office always appends an extension to the file name, except when the file name already has an extension that matches the file type. See the list of ODF extensions.

Some examples for the automatic extensions are listed in the following table:

You enter this file name You select this file type File is saved with this name
my file ODF Text my file.odt
my file.odt ODF Text my file.odt
my file.txt ODF Text my file.txt.odt
my file.txt Text (.txt) my file.txt