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Drawing Lines in Text

You can incorporate lines into your text with custom angles, width, colour, and other attributes.

To define the line attributes and direction, use the Line drawing object as follows:





  1. Create a horizontal line by applying the preset Paragraph Style Horizontal Line. Click into an empty paragraph, and double-click the Horizontal Line Style in the Styles window. If the entry for horizontal lines is not visible in the list of Paragraph Styles, select "All Styles" in the lower list box.

  2. You can draw a line above, beside or below a paragraph in a Writer text document by choosing Format - Paragraph - Borders.

Automatic lines in Writer

  1. If you start a new line in a Writer text document by typing three or more hyphen characters and press the Enter key, the characters are removed and the previous paragraph gets a line as a bottom border.

To create a single line, type three or more hyphens (-), or underscores (-), and then press Enter. To create a double line, type three or more equal signs (=), asterisks (*), tildes (~), or hash marks (#), and then press Enter.

  1. To remove an automatically drawn border, choose Format - Paragraph - Borders and select no border.

  2. To undo an automatic border replacement once, choose Edit - Undo.

  3. To disable the automatic borders, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options - Options and clear Apply border.

The lines and other drawing objects that you insert in text are not defined in HTML, and are therefore not exported directly into HTML format. Instead, they are exported as graphics.

When you enter a line width, you can append a measurement unit. A zero line width results in a hairline with a width of one pixel of the output medium.