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This overview describes the default toolbar configuration for Office. If you have customised any of the toolbars, your configuration might differ from the one described here.

Standard Bar

The Standard bar is available in every Office application.


Common commands for slides.

Drawing Bar

The Drawing bar contains frequently used editing tools. Click the arrow next to an icon to open a toolbar that contains additional commands.

Find Bar

The Find toolbar can be used to quickly search the contents of Office documents.

Outline Bar

In Outline View, the Outline bar contains frequently used editing tools. Click the arrow next to an icon to open a toolbar that contains additional commands.

Slide Sorter Bar

In Slide Sorter view, the Slide Sorter bar can be used.

Line and Filling Bar

The Line and Filling Bar contains commands and options that you can apply in the current view.

Slide View Bar

The Slide View bar opens with the Slide Sorter view.

Table Bar

The Table Bar contains functions you need when working with tables. It appears when you move the cursor into a table.

Text Formatting Bar

To display the Text Formatting Bar, place the cursor inside a text object.

Image Bar

Use the Image bar to set the colour, contrast, and brightness options for the selected graphic object(s).

Edit Points Bar

The Edit Points Bar appears when you select a polygon object and click Edit Points.

Options Bar

To display the Options Bar, choose View - Toolbars - Options.

Colour Bar

Show or hide the Colour bar. To modify or change the colour table that is displayed, choose Format - Area, and then click on the Colours tab.

Status Bar

The status bar displays information about your document, including the currently selected object. You can double-click some status bar items to open a related dialogue box window.


The 3-D Settings toolbar controls properties of selected 3-D objects.


The Fontwork toolbar opens when you select a Fontwork object.


Add objects, including charts, spreadsheets, and images, to your document.

Classification Toolbar

The Classification bar contains tools to help secure document handling.

The Classification toolbar contains listboxes to help in selecting the security of the document, according to the BAF category policy and BAILS levels. Office will add custom fields in the document properties (File - Properties, Custom Properties tab) to store the classification policy as document metadata.